NEMAC    Net Effective Market Activity Components   2000
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SUGAR 11 (SBH17 Mar)
TOTALS AD= 3454 cts,NL= 57607,LC= 55405,NS 54554,SC= 55806
                                      DAILY POSITION CHANGES
12/5 M AD= -13630 cts,NL 14%V,LC 38%V,NS 32%V,SC 16%V
12/6 T AD= 29072 cts,NL 36%V,LC 15%V,NS 16%V,SC 33%V
12/7 W AD= 5109 cts,NL 29%V,LC 21%V,NS 23%V,SC 27%V
12/8 T AD= -7109 cts,NL 19%V,LC 31%V,NS 30%V,SC 20%V
12/9 F AD= -9989 cts,NL 18%V,LC 32%V,NS 31%V,SC 19%V

Above is net accumulation or distribution (AD) daily contracts.  Position changes are given as a % of  the day's volume.  The last day (F) may be inaccurate because of the unknown OI change.